RPCA Memberships

September 1, 2023-August 31, 2024 The Renfrew Park Community Association (RPCA) is vital to the operation of the facilities and programs at Renfrew Park Community Centre. Benefits of Association Membership:

  • Contributing to our ability to offer affordable recreation programming.
  • Ability to influence the implementation of programs and services provided by RPCA.
  • Have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Memberships improve and simplify the registration process.

Memberships are available for FREE, please come into the Community Centre to load your membership onto your OneCard. If you do not want to become a member of the Renfrew Park Community Association, please notify our staff at the time of registration. For games room, piano practice, drop-in computer use, and sports equipment rental, please register for the Equipment Rental Fee

Board of Directors 2023-20234

President Anthony Mehnert
1st Vice President Henry Lee
2nd Vice President Sari Lundberg
Treasurer Julienne Liang
Secretary Judy Egerton
Past President Albert Lee

Members at Large
Chris Bayliss, Connie Ching Chan, Barbara Leung, Fay Lin, David Ng, Eddie Tang, and Gayle Uthoff,

Audited Financial Statements of the RPCA

2022-2023 – Financial Statements

2021-2022 – Financial Statements

2020-2021 – Financial Statements

2019-2020 – Financial Statements

2018-2019 – Financial Statements

2017-2018 – Financial Statements

Retained Earnings Plan

At the end of 2019-2020 fiscal year, RPCA’s retained earnings were $334,211.  In 2018-2019 $45,000 was spent on our kitchen renovation and in 2019-2020 the remaining $247,643 was spent to complete the renovation.  According to the Joint Operating Agreement, retained earnings will be used to offset significant projected operating losses of $124,000 for the 2020-2021 fiscal year due to Covid 19.

Annual General Meeting Report






Board of Directors Nomination Form 2022-2023

Please see our online application form here

President’s Winter Message

As the winter season is upon us and we look into the New Year and upcoming spring season, its time to take a look at some amazing programs being offered for the upcoming season.

The Renfrew Park Community Association is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that jointly operates the Renfrew Community Centre along with the Park Board. If you’re interested in contributing your time, skills, and passion to Renfrew Park Community Association, we encourage you to attend our upcoming AGM in November. We will elect the Board for the 2023-2024 term and are reaching out to all community members who share our vision and dedication to enhancing the well-being of our local Renfrew neighborhood to consider joining our board.

As well, we are proud to announce the dates for our regular events and new ones so save the date in your calendars:

  • Lunar New Year Event on Feb 3, 12pm-3pm
  • Family Day Event Feb 19 2pm-4pm
  • Seniors Luncheon – Feb 7 (Sweet Heart Luncheon)
  • Seniors Luncheon – Mar 6 (St Patrick’s Luncheon)
  • Children and Youth’s Spring Break Day Camps

Please check us out on all our social media channels @RenfrewParkCC for up to date information.



Anthony Mehnert, Renfrew Park Community Association President


Renfrew Park Community Centre is jointly operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation and the Renfrew Park Community Association.

If you would like to become more involved in the direction of the centre, email: board@renfrewcc.com